About us :

  • In 1990, with support from National Academy of Sciences and State Planning Committee of Azerbaijan Republic, the Scientific-Manufacturing Association “Gunesh” was established by a dedicated resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic.
  • In 1994, the International Ecoenergy Academy (IEEA) was founded on the basis of Scientific-Manufacturing Association “Gunesh”.
  • International Ecoenergy Academy introduced Distance Education in 2017.

Co-founders of the IEEA:

  • The National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Republic, Association “Gunesh“,
  • Clean Energy Research Institute of USA,
  • Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction,
  • Russian Association ABOK.

The main activities:

  • Research into fundamental problems of renewable and environmentally clean energy development and application
  • Research and monitoring of environmental impacts of offshore oil field developments upon the Caspian ecosystem, to ensure the sustainable development of the Caspian region
  • Research of environmental problems associated with contamination of the air, water and land resources caused by anthropogenous factors
  • Promotion of the development and application of modern environmental standards in partnership with relevant governmental agencies
  • Dissemination of knowledge on modern concepts of sustainability and achieving of ecological balance on the global scale, through organization of joint seminars and training courses in cooperation with national and international partners
  • Development and implementation of academic projects in the field of environmental protection and energy security.

The developed and implemented projects:

Some Examples:

  • Basics of Azerbaijan Energy Development for Period through 2010
  • Application of Solar Collectors in Power Supply
  • Feasibility Study of Wind-Electric Conversion Systems for Offshore Oil Platforms in Azerbaijan (in cooperation with Trento University, Italy)
  • Automated Energy Supply, Conditioning and Regular Microclimate Controlling Systems
  • Assessment of Radio-Ecological Situation in the Absheron Peninsula in Association with Oil&Gas Exploration and Production
  • Key Directions of National Scientific Programme “Radon” for 1998-2010
  • Remediation of the Absheron Oil Contaminated Soils
  • Assessment and Monitoring of Toxico-Radio-Ecological Situation during Oil & Gas Fields’ Development in the Caspian Contract Area
  • Ecotoxicological Regulation of Discharges to the Caspian Sea
  • Protection of Population from Harmful Impact of Radon and Radio-Nuclides
  • Assessment of Current Environmental Situation on Zykh-Govsany Oil Field in the Absheron Peninsula
  • “Air Quality Control in Azerbaijan” Project (in cooperation with DBG company, Germany)
  • Seismic Risk Study in Baku City (in cooperation with Japanese Kobe University)
  • “Hydro-Hydrogen Pilot Project for Guba-Khachmaz Region, Azerbaijan Republic” (in cooperation with UNIDO-ICHET)
  • Use of Hybrid Alternative Energy Systems in Mountainous Khinalig Village, Guba region, Azerbaijan

A number of projects have been developed upon request from clients, including:

  • “Environmental Impact Assessment and Development of Ecological Passport of Two Administrative Districts of Baku” (client – “Lukoil-Azerbaijan” JSC)
  • “Building Radiation Safety” – within the project on Development of Azerbaijan Republic’s State Construction Standards and Norms (client- Azerbaijan State Committee for Construction and Architecture)
  • Study and Development of Technology for Purification of Produced Water and Sewage from Oil, Oil Products and Phenols in Offshore Oil&Gas Production Association (client- “Offshore Oil&Gas” PA, SOCAR)
  • Quality Assurance for Radio-Nuclide Studies along the Chirag-Sangachal Pipeline, around Chirag 1Y, GChA, and GChA-6 Oil Wells (client- BP Azerbaijan)
  • Environmental Monitoring of Asbestos Disposal Sites (client- ERT Ltd., UK)
  • “Development of Large-Scale Electronic Maps (1:10000) of Oil-Contaminated Soils of the Absheron Peninsula”. The Project was implemented within the framework of Action Plan under the Presidential Decree since 28th September 2006 (client-SOCAR)