Sustainable development of Azerbaijan: Green building and Smart Complex 2020

This special international Congress will evaluate the challenges faced when creating smarter cities and moving towards improved and sustainable public services for citizens. The Congress will explore the need for flexible partnerships between public and private sectors as well as diverse industries such as telecommunication, energy providers, manufacturers, and suppliers to ensure improvements in mobility, energy consumption, governance and social cohesion.

We lead global thinking on the successful integration of nature into the built environment. Through our Green City initiative, will be promoted the essential role of plants in creating vibrant urban areas in which people and businesses can thrive. Our environment, human wellbeing, social cohesion and economies are all improved by intelligently designed green space.

We aim to develop an international standard for green cities as well as being a focal point for green city best practice and a source of expertise. Through world activities, research and marketing, and shared resources we seek to inspire people, organisations, city councils and government administrations to join this challenging movement and reap the benefits.

International Green Building Congress, Baku, 2020

The central theme of this conference held in Azerbaijan will how to retrofit old cities with living green. A range of guest speakers will present innovative ideas and solutions for improving biodiversity and the health of citizens living in cities. These suggestions are supported with the latest evidence and new perspectives on the benefits of living green. The conference took place on 14-15th April and was hosted by International Ecoenergy Academy and supported by Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University.

Congress timetable

Congress Objectives

Green Building Congress aims to:

  • Provide a platform for governments business, city and civil society leaders to exchange ideas on best practice for green buildings;
  • Create momentum amongst decision-makers around green building issues, by suggesting smart policies, strategies and creative programs that involve both the public and private sectors;
  • Promote the adoption of green building practices and introduce new technologies;
  • Offer participants a forum to network and discuss business opportunities;
  • Discuss ways and mechanisms through which regional cooperation can be enhanced.

Who should attend?

  • Global and regional companies leading the green market transformation movement
  • Politicians such as Ministers and local government officials
    High-level representatives from international inter-governmental organisations
  • Private companies and business associations exploring opportunities for industry collaborate
  • Green professionals, architects, engineers, landscape designers and city planners
  • NGOs involved in natural resource conservation and workforce development
  • Vocational training institutes interested in improving awareness and education, including preparing students for jobs within the green building industry
  • Entrepreneurs and small businesses who are exploring new areas of business


Why attend?

  • Learn about the global green building trends
  • Understand opportunities and challenges relating to green buildings in the region
  • Understand the latest approaches and emerging best practices to address challenges
  • Leverage experiences and ideas with counterparts from the region & beyond
  • Explore business opportunities and the potential for public-private partnerships
  • Discuss legal and regulatory frameworks necessary to support green buildings in the region