Vice President for Environmental Protection

Dr. Gustav R.Grob serves as Vice-President of Hymobil AG. Dr. Grob serves as Chief Editor of Blueprint for the Clean, Sustainable Energy Age. He serves as President of the International Clean Energy Consortium ICEC, which he co-founded shorlty after the 2nd World Climate Conference to respond to the urgent need for a clean, sustainable energy economy. In 2002, as Executive-Secretary and initiator, Dr. Grob founded the International Sustainable Energy Organization (ISEO), which coordinates global efforts towards clean and renewable energies. ISEO combines the work of many UN and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and is a driving force towards a global energy legislation and standardization. He serves as Board Chairman of the Investment Fund Inc. Blue Planet. Dr. Grob serves as Member of Advisory Board at Space Energy AG. He serves as Board Member of International Energy Foundation (IEF). He is an expert on renewable energy and has been a key speaker at a number of high profile environmental conferences including the historic UN Climate Conference in Rio de Janeiro (1992) and the International Conference for Renewable Energies in Bonn (2004).  Dr. Grob is the author of numerous publications on energy, sustainable development, standardization and business ethics.