The Department of Human Resources and Innovations of the International Ecoenergy Academy invites all those who can benefit from the internal and external human potential of the organization in order to achieve common goals such as serving universal values and human sciences.

The newly created department has the power to engage in discussions on any kind of innovation proposals for its overall integration and strengthening of scientific contacts, presenting it to its leadership, and exercising its best practices.

The Department offers the world’s renowned science education centers, the world’s leading human resources, offering new proposals and innovations to the organization’s leadership.

At the same time, foreign and local government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and international organizations serve to sustainable peace and development and scientific integration.

Head of the Department: Hafiz Osmanov – International Universal Peace Federation ( was nominated for the title of “Ambassador for Peace” in 2005.

Being winner of 2017 Media Prize of the “Intelligent of the Year” founded by the Azerbaijani Mass Media Workers’ Trade Union, he is an active participant in various scientific events organized abroad and in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Hafiz Osmanov has worked as a founder or organizer in various NGOs. At present, he works as a small scientific worker at the Department of Biological Chemistry (AMU).