Prof.Dr. Fagan Ganbar oglu Aliyev

The president of International Ecoenergy Academy  Fagan Ganbar oglu Aliyev was born in 1945 in Agjabedi district of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In 1969 he graduated from Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute. After graduating the post-graduate study in the Institute of Construction Physics in  Moscow he defended PhD (1977) and doctorate theses (1988).

Aliyev has been engaged in researches on the problems of buildings’ energy management and controlling systems, development and implementation of alternative energy technologies. His work “Optimization of energy saving in a large Sport Complex in Baku city through automated management and controlling using computer systems” was awarded with the honours diploma of Academy of National Economy of the former USSR.

Aliyev participated in designing and led the construction of morethan 25 buildings such as the Republic Cycle Track, Athletic Arena,Baku Sport Palace (present Sport and Concert Complex named afterH.Aliyev), Complex of the Republic Medical-Athletic Health Center, StateOlympic Boat-racking Base in Mingechaur city, etc.

One of the directions of prof. Aliyev’s activity is ecosystem protection and radiation safety of various buildings and structures including the environmental  problems of industrial development, particularly oil-gas operations.

Aliyev’s scientific activity has always been associated with other engagements.  He used to be the deputy -chairman of  Azerbaijan State Committee for Science and Technology,  head of Foreign InvestmentDepartment at the State Plan Committee of Azerbaijan Republic anddeputy-chairman of Azerbaijan State Sport Committee on construction.

Aliyev founded Scientific-Manufacturing Association “Gunesh” (1990) and InternationalEcoenergyAcademy (1994).

At present, being the president of International Ecoenergy Academy, prof. F. Aliyevis the head of “Engineering Ecology” department of Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University. He holds lectures and developed courses on theapplicationof energy efficient and renewable energy technologies in buildings, environmental risk assessment and radiation safety, etc. He is the member of Russian Academy of Construction and Architecture,  International Association AVOC, honorary  prof. dr. of Islamic Azad University and councillor of International Association Hydrogen Energy T. NejatVeziroglu World Hydrogen Energy Trust (IAHE-TNV-WHET) on Central Asia.

Aliyev led a great number of international projects implemented under the support of EU, UNIDO, UNDP, UNEP, USAID, World Bank and other funds. He participated in the UNECE project “Development of the Renewable Energy Sector in the Russian Federation and in CIS countries: Prospects for Interregional Cooperation” as national expert.

Prof. F. Aliyev participated and delivered lectures in international scientific

forums held inUSA, Great Britain, France, Finland, Denmark, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Russia and otherCIS countries.  Involving Azeri and foreign scientists he organized 10   International Baku Congresses “Energy,Ecology, Economy”  and edited 15 volumes of  proceedings of these international forums.

Aliyev is the author of numerous papers, inventions, textbooks and monographs published in Azerbaijan, USA, Finland,Great Britain and Russia, the founder and chief editor of scientific-popular journals “Energy, Ecology, Economy” and “Kainat”, scientific journal “Ecoenergetics”, and the member of editorial board of scientific “Biomedicine”journal.

Aliyev was awarded with the academician Y. Mamedaliyev and V. Boguslavsky medals for his scientific and organizational activities.

Faqan Aliyev is Honorary Professor of the Academic Union Oxford UK.

Fagan Ganbar oglu Aliyev