Department of Rare Industrial Materials

Head of Department-Prof.Dr.Murat Hatipoğlu

Rare Industrial Materials Department of International Ecoenergy Academy was founded in June 2020.

Professor Murat Hatipoğlu has been appointed as Vice-President of IEA, coordinating activity of the Rare Industrial Materials Department and Mushfig Mustafayev was assigned as Head of the Division.



  • Murat Hatipoğlu – PhD, Professor. Dokuz Eylül University İzmir-Turkey


Corresponding Member in Azerbaijan


  • Mushfig Mustafayev -Director
  • Alikram Gurbanov -Executive Director



Monographs and books

Rare Industrial Materials Department supported the edition of different scientific monographs and books.


Rare Industrial Materials can be assumed as a natural heritage of the Earth because they are not renewable natural sources, and accordingly rare materials. Therefore, they are most valuable materials. More, they can be included to eco energy.

Rare Industrial Materials contain many assembles of minerals. They can be grouped into some sub-divisions as follows;

*Division of Rare Gemstones, such as corundum (ruby and sapphires), beryl (emerald, aquamarine), chrysoberyl (alexandrite) etc.

*Division of Boron Minerals, such as kernite, borax, ulexite, colemanite etc.

*Division of Rare Earth Elements, such as cerium, lanthanum, yttrium etc.