Department Of National & International Schools Cooperation.

The International  Ecoenergy academy has cultivated the Green School Network – a growing network of schools that have embraced sustainability as a central part of their educational vision.

Through the Green Network, over a hundred schools throughout the country, representing the wide gamut of the student body create environmental leadership and implement community-based projects, thus creating a bridge between schools and communities. We believe that these kinds of projects will develop a wider awareness of the environment among the Azerbaijani public.


The goals of  the department’s program include:

-Providing opportunities for developing the startups of pupils in different areas.

-Strengthen the collaboration between local and international schools’ children.

– Promotion of environmental and social education in the relevant spaces.

-Building a connection to the environment and its inhabitants by education, research activities, environmental activism and fun!

Enhancing the involvement of students, teachers, principals and parents by relevant environmental education.

-Establish a broad and deep awareness among the students, their parents, teachers and principals for the environment in general.

-Developing a thorough understanding of the consequences of the present state (pollution, litter, constructions, etc.) and promoting activities to improve the situation.

-Strengthening the connection and sense of belonging of the students and the community to their surroundings by comparing past and present situations, which will increase their awareness and abilities to improve their quality of living.