Along with the traditional Baku congresses, IEA regularly organises scientific-practical seminars, workshops and conferences to discuss the results of the implemented projects, to provide information about new technologies and methods on ecosystem protection, energy saving and alternative energy resource development, etc. Dozens of important conferences and seminars were held by the Academy including:

  • Scientific-technical Conference “State, problems and perspectives of oil and gas production in Azerbaijan oil and gas fields”,1996;
  • Scientific Conference “Corrosion problems and protection”,1996;
  • International Scientific Practical Workshop “Industrial and environmental safety of oil and gas operations in the Caspian Sea”, (in cooperation with Russian Lukoil company) 1998
  • International Scientific Practical Workshop “Protection of the biosphere and contaminated land recultivation”, (in cooperation with EU TACIS programme) 1998;
  • International Scientific Practical Workshop “Climate change. Renewable energy resources. Energy efficiency”,2000;
  • International Scientific Practical Workshop “Environmental problems of industrial wastes’ anthropogenous impact on Absheron peninsula” , 2002;
  • Scientific-practical Conference “Creation and development of an infrastructure for the use of alternative energy sources in Azerbaijan Republic”, 2004;
  • Seminar “Seismic risk study in Baku city” (in cooperation with Japanese Kobe University), 2006;
  • Potentialities and perspectives of alternative and renewable energy source use in Azerbaijan, 2010;
  • International Conference “Azerbaijan 2020: Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development ”, 2012.


Seminar “Seismic risk study in Baku city” held on 16-17 October in Baku to discuss the results of project“Study on seismic disaster  prevention/mitigation basic plan in Baku city” implemented jointly by International Ecoenergy Academy and Japanese Kobe University under the support of Ministry of Education of Japan.

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